Benefits of a Water Softener

A Water Softener. Sometimes referred to as a water conditioner, it does just as its name implies; a water softener conditions water with excessive minerals in it. Once the minerals and scale are removed from the water, it feels “soft”. It does not leave minerals or scale behind which makes it feel slippery, which is also why you can get away with using much less soap on your skin and in your laundry that usual. There are no hard minerals for the soap to surround and cling to.
Water softeners consist of a tank with a tube running up and down the center. The water enters the tank at the top and flows down the tank to the bottom where it is collected into the bottom of the tube which is called a distributor. The water then runs up the distributor to the top of the tank and out to your faucets or water appliances. Between the inner walls of the tank (called a resin tank or mineral tank) and the outside of the distributor tube is the material which takes the minerals and “hardness” out of your water called “resin.

Many People Ask. What is the BEST water softener to buy??


The best softener has 3 criteria it should meet:

1) it would need to be reliable and with a solid warranty and a proven track record and manufactured by a trusted company and be sold and serviced by a reputable firm.

2) It has to meet your waters physical needs.(flow rate,size,capacity,etc).

3) Easy setup, simple to operate and run efficiently.

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What Are my Benefits to having a Water Softener??

  • Having Soft Water actually saves you money! When your water is Soft, you use much less soap and fewer cleaning products… your budget will automatically reflect the savings!
  • Your plumbing will last longer! Hard water causes a build-up of scale from mineral deposits. Over time, pipes can clog, water flow can diminish and water pressure can be reduced. This doesn’t happen with Soft Water! Soft Water is low in mineral content and therefore doesn’t leave deposits in the pipes.
  • Your hot water heater will last longer! Scale and lime build-up created by minerals will not take place if your water is Soft… this adds life to your hot water heater. Also, if you don’t have deposits in your hot water heater, it will cost approximately 20% less to heat the water that your family does use. At the end of a year, these savings can really add up!
  • Diminished razor burn! Soft Water causes the razor to glide more easily across the face. This, in turn, causes your razor blades to last longer.
  • Water-using appliances will last longer! Whether it’s your coffee pot, your humidifier or your hot tub, Soft Water inhibits a build-up of minerals and adds life to these products.
  • No more soap build-up on your skin. Skin stays softer and healthier when its natural oils are allowed to remain and aren’t covered by a mineral build-up.
  • Less soap is needed to cleanse the skin. This is especially important with younger children. Their skin is usually more delicate and sensitive to the irritants that are found in many soaps and cleaning products. Remember, with Soft Water, a little soap or shampoo goes a very long way!
  • Hair is softer and easier to manage when there isn’t a build-up of minerals coating it. This means it’s easier to brush and de-tangle.
  • Less soap consumption! Whether it’s dish detergent, shampoo or laundry soap, you’ll use less of it. Soft Water has greater washing power… you can use less and get superior results! Normally, you will find that you can use 1/2 to 2/3 less soap with the same or even better results!
  • Your clothes last longer and remain brighter longer if they are washed in Soft Water. Hard Water leaves mineral particles in the weave of most fabrics and causes them to look dull and dingy. Also, your washing machine will last longer, too, because it won’t be subject to a build-up of minerals and deposits!
  • Rings and stains won’t darken your bathroom fixtures.
  • Glasses and dishes won’t streak.
  • Scrubbing floors and tile will be easier and faster because you won’t have the film and soap scum that hard water creates.
  • Your skin is softer when you bathe with Soft Water. You will leave your bath or shower feeling refreshed with your skin feeling truly clean. As an added bonus, rough, dry skin will naturally diminish!
  • If you color your hair, it will keep its radiance longer if it is washed in Softened Water!