Enviro-Sof’ner: The No-Salt Water Softener


Product Description

Enviro-Sof’ner, our no-salt water softener is a revolutionary technological advance for the treatment of hard water.

Enviro-Sof’ner Advantages
No salt Healthy
No chemicals Safe
No waste water Environmentally Friendly
No electricty Cost-Effective
No operating costs Very Cost-Effective
No maintenance No Worries

How Does A Salt-Free Water Softener Work?
The Enviro-Sof’ner uses positive ions to convert minerals causing hard water into harmless, natural calcium crystals.

These neutralized calcium crystals cannot stick to any surface. This prevents calcium build-up in your appliances, plumbing fixtures and pipes. Better yet, it dissolves the build-up that is already there!

Health Advantages

Salt Reduction
Decreasing your salt intake can help you reduce or avoid high blood pressure, which is directly linked to heart disease and stroke.

Since the Enviro-Sof’ner no-salt water softener doesn’t use any water softening salt it does not add sodium to your diet.

Beneficial Minerals Available To Your Body
The calcium and magnesium in Enviro-Sof’ner water remain intact and are nutritionally available to your body.

Salt-Free Enviro-Sof’ner

Retain essential minerals in drinking water
Avoid scale build-up in appliances and pipes and remove the scale that’s already there
Reduce the cost of cleaning supplies and personal care products
Extend the operating life of your dishwasher, clothes washer, water heaters, ice makers, humidifiers
Reduce the cost of electricity to run your water heater
Get cleaner, whiter clothes and sparkling, spot-free dishes
Avoid the slippery feel in soft water
Get safe water for pets, gardens, houseplants, lawns, pools and hot tubs
Protect your environment. Avoid flushing salt into the groundwater.

Simple Installation
Free ByPass Valve
Small Footprint: 12″ diameter, 48″ tall
5 Year Warranty

Simple Installation
Since the Enviro-Sof’ner needs no electricity, installation is simple! Just connect the water source in and out and you are ready for years of maintenance-free operation.

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