Sylvan Softener Home System


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Everything H2O has custom designed water conditioning equipment just for the Sylvan Lake Water.

We are a local business in Sylvan Lake and Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, and we know water.

The sylvan softener is a 50,000 grain system with De-Alkalizing media inside the tank which will help balance the water for optimal performance.

The system also comes with a De-Chlorination Tank that will take out all the chlorine out of your whole home for up 10 yrs.

To top off the system we’ve included a Compact Cabinet Premium R.O. to give you and your family the best quality drinking and cooking water possible. This beautiful R.O. can be hooked up to your fridge and ice maker to have pure water and includes a tap at the sink.

* ” No Extra Charge ” premium tank jacket with Platinum Ice trim. Eliminate tank sweat
* Exclusive Fusion2 360 electronic metered control valve in Platinum Ice
* Fully Computerized. Knows how much water is being used and adjusts for usage. Only regenerates when necessary!!

* Some of the most advanced electronics. Full digital display.

* Ability to page back and find past usage, current usage. Allows for diagnostics for trouble shooting.
* Excelclear NSF-certified premium ion exchange resin
* Extra-Heavy duty brine w/ no extra charge ‘brine safety valve’

*  Able to deliver up to 27 gallons/minute. No pressure loss.
* Factory warranty 5 years valve & Electronics,plus 10 years for resin & brine tank.
* Variable reserve capacity, you’re never out of soft water
* Easy to operate – 40 factory preset programs to choose from
* Ability to set cycle times and durations for water conditions that vary.
* System operates on 12 volt, for energy savings. Cost $2 per year
* Optional Dry Brining! No extra Charge. No water to sit in brine tank. Eliminates Bridging and hard salt build up which over time can plug draw lines and valves, causing softeners to malfunction.
* Plus many more features to soften and condition your water. Your way!!
* Fusion2 360 will meet all raw water needs!!!

* Full back up memory. If power goes out system will remember time and functions set.

*  Available Up or Down-flow Brining! Save on water, reduce salt/potassium usage. Reduce time on regeneration. Great for the environment.

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Additional Information


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