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Saltron Mini Review – Create your own chlorine for your pool or spa

So what exactly is a Saltron and how does it work exactly?  Well this little device is a fantastic alternative to using chemical chlorine in your hot tub Swim Spa or Pool. It generates it’s own chlorine using salt and is a big money saver too.

Portable Chlorine Generator for Spas

This Spa Sanitation System produces a pure form of chlorine by the form of  electrolysis of salt (NaCl) in order to sanitize your spa water. After the salt is converted to chlorine and the bacteria in your spa are killed, the chlorine converts back to salt and this process is repeated ongoing. The level of salt concentration used is very low (less than that in a human tear). It tells you achieve anywhere between 2000-3000 ppm of Salinity. We always suggest a level of 2500 ppm to be achieved. Just figure out how many liters your spa is and add the specified amount of salt and test the level of ppm with your provided test strips. Once you have added the salt into your water just plug it in and drop the cell into the water. That’s it! Watch it in a action as it produces this smoke like sensation in the water.

Saltron Mini will give you years of great enjoyment and satisfaction with your spa. Some great benefits that you will get to enjoy is that with the added salt in the water you will find that the water has a nice soft feel to it leaving your skin and hair feeling soft. If you have a indoor hot tub you won’t get that raunchy chlorine smell as well. With a Salt System you will have a very faint smell of chlorine in your hot tub which IF you have a hot tub indoors , Im sure you will appreciate. You can also get up to a year out of the body of water if you take good care of your water. If your a big hot tub party person then I wouldn’t suggest letting your water go that long.

If you would like to review the Saltron Manual (click here)

Over all this little unit is a great solution for your sanitation needs for your pool and spa. If you want to buy one or have any questions about it just CONTACT US